Seattle Gallery Blaze Threatens Picasso, Rembrandt, and Escher Masterpieces

Seattle Gallery. So, there’s some pretty rough news for art lovers – a fire hit a gallery in Seattle on Friday, and some precious works by Picasso, Goya, and Rembrandt might’ve gone up in smoke.

How It Went Down

According to the Seattle Fire Department, it looks like someone lit a fire in an alley behind the gallery to stay warm, and things got out of hand. The flames decided to dance their way into the three-story building. Luckily, no one got hurt, but Davidson Galleries, the spot that got hit, is facing some serious losses.

Priceless Works on Paper at Risk

Davidson Galleries is known for its collection of works on paper, and sadly, many of them might be toast. Rebecca McDonald, the manager, told that some real gems in their collection took a hit. She said they’re working hard to save as much as they can but won’t know the full extent of the damage for weeks. The gallery had big plans to move most of its collection to a new spot nearby, but that’s on hold now.

Contemporary Artists Hit Hard

The gallery owner, Sam Davidson, shared his heartbreak, especially for contemporary artists who trusted them with their creations. The damage is serious, with the gallery looking all blackened and dramatic. Some pieces did suffer smoke damage, but they’re hopeful about preserving the majority of the collection.

Risky Move Ahead of the Move

In a bit of bad timing, they had removed many precious pieces from storage as part of the move preps, making them more vulnerable. Davidson said it hit him hard when he saw the aftermath in the gallery.

The Art Community Steps Up

On a positive note, the art community is rallying. Davidson gave props to firefighters for doing their best to save what they could while battling the flames. The gallery’s Facebook post thanked the community for coming together in times of need. They’re assessing the damage but seem hopeful about rescuing most of the inventory.

Saving the Masterpieces

Some artworks were smartly protected by rag mats and mylar sheets, shielding them from the worst of the smoke. The firefighters got a shout-out for their efforts in trying to keep the masterpieces intact.

Despite the tough blow, there’s a glimmer of hope that a good chunk of the collection can be salvaged. It’s a reminder of how unpredictable and devastating these incidents can be, especially for a gallery that houses such valuable pieces. The art community, though, is showing its strength by coming together in the face of adversity.