Art in Action: EPMA Live Mural Painting Extravaganza!

Art in Action: EPMA Live Mural Painting Extravaganza!

Get ready for a great time at the El Paso Museum of Art (EPMA). In the Patricia and Jonathan Rogers Grand Lobby, local artist Marianna Olague is putting the finishing touches on the first mural ever. You can see the magic up close. This mural isn’t just any painting; it’s a lively tribute to the Ruben Salazar Apartments in South El Paso. It’s painted in bright colors that shout out our great city’s rich history and culture.

It’s time for a live mural painting party!

What do you think? You’re not just hearing about it; you’re being asked to join in the fun! The people of EPMA are being asked to join this live painting session and have fun. Think about this: In the middle of the museum, Marianna Olague is turning a blank wall into a work of art. It’s like entering a magical world where art comes to life right in front of your eyes.

Get to know the star: the very first EPMA mural

Stay alert, because this is the first mural by EPMA in the Patricia and Jonathan Rogers Grand Lobby! Who is the genius who came up with this? Give it up for Marianna Olague, the best artist in our area. She’s getting ideas from the Ruben Salazar Apartments in South El Paso. She wants to show not just one place’s charm, but the charm of all the apartment complexes in our city. It’s like a big quilt that shows all of El Paso’s different kinds of architecture.

Pops of Color: El Paso’s Heart on Show

When you can have a burst of color, who needs dull? Marianna Olague isn’t being quiet. She chose bright colors on purpose to show off the spirit, culture, and history of El Paso. Imagine walking into EPMA and seeing a splash of color that tells the amazing story of our city. On the walls, it looks like a vivid painting of El Paso’s soul.

Get to Know the Artist: Marianna Olague

Want to know who made the masterpiece? Say hello to Olague Marianna! She is more than just an artist; she uses color to tell stories. This mural is more than just a painting thanks to the work of local artists. It tells a visual story about our community, neighborhoods, and the lively life in El Paso.

Why It Matters: Art Brings Us Together

It’s not just about making a pretty mural at this live painting event; it’s also about getting people to talk to each other. When people in the community get together to see this piece of art come to life, it becomes a shared experience. All of a sudden, art isn’t just pictures on canvases; it comes to life and becomes a part of our everyday lives. The EPMA is making the museum a place where everyone feels like they belong.

What’s coming up next?

You might be wondering what comes next now that you’re so excited about this live mural painting. Now that the mural is done, the fun really starts. As long as it is in the Patricia and Jonathan Rogers Grand Lobby, it will always be a part of EPMA’s art collection. This mural is more than just paint on the wall; it represents our city’s life, our neighborhoods’ differences, and our love of art.

Set your alarms, get your family and friends together, and make plans to go to EPMA right away to see this amazing art show. Let’s celebrate El Paso, Marianna Olague’s amazing art, and the magic of turning a plain wall into a work of art that tells our story!